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Promoting Restful Sleep

February 28, 2018



Sound Sleep Cocoon Skinsolver Worth £10


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Try our Sleep Sound Track with binaural beats

Dermalogica have created a website especially for sleep which includes a free designed the Sleep Sound track to provide the benefits of binaural beats in an isochronic (single-tone) format, so that you can listen to it without headphones. Try it tonight for relaxing, restorative sleep!

Click on the picture above to go get your restorative sleep


Frequently asked questions

What are the key benefits of Sound Sleep Cocoon?

This dual-purpose gel-cream optimises nighttime skin recovery with active ingredients that take advantage of the body’s overnight recovery and repair process to transform skin by morning, and gradual-release essential oils to promote deep restful sleep.



Can Sound Sleep Cocoon be beneficial for any skin condition?

Yes! As part of the Daily Skin Health line, Sound Sleep Cocoon is designed to deliver transformative overnight results for all skin conditions.


How does Sound Sleep Cocoon fit into my existing Dermalogica regimen?

Since Sound Sleep Cocoon is a nightly moisturiser, it should be used as the last step in your nighttime regimen. Double cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and apply any prescribed targeted treatments. To further enhance overnight hydration, some clients may benefit from using Sound Sleep Cocoon in addition to their regular nighttime moisturiser: simply moisturise as usual, then finish with Sound Sleep Cocoon to optimise active ingredient absorption and enhance overnight repair.


Why should Sound Sleep Cocoon be used specifically at night? Is there a particular time it should be applied?

Sound Sleep Cocoon is formulated to work with the body’s overnight recovery process: Due to increased blood flow, the skin is best able to absorb topical products during sleep. Additionally, the gel-cream formula helps replenish the hydration skin loses throughout the day. We recommend just prior to 9:00 pm as the optimal application time, as that’s when the body begins secreting antioxidant-rich melatonin – but clients will experience the benefits of application any time before going to sleep. Applying it at night also allows clients to take advantage of Sound Sleep Cocoon’s essential oils for deep,restful sleep.


What are the signs of sleep deprivation?

If you are unsure whether your experiencing sleep deprivation, watch for the following skin signs:

• Dark under-eye circles

• Fine lines

• Puffy eyes

• Dehydrated or lackluster skin


How can the motion-activated essential oils enhance my sleep?

Our sense of smell is closely linked to the brain’s limbic system, which controls emotion and behaviour. Any aroma that makes you happy can promote sleep – so soothing scents like Lavender have been proven to decrease anxiety and promote relaxation. Sound Sleep Cocoon contains Patchouli, Sandalwood and specially-encapsulated motion-activated Lavandin Oil, which is released throughout the night to continually promote deep,restful sleep.


What other tips are there to promote restful, regenerative sleep?

• Avoid consuming alcohol for at least 2 hours before going to sleep.

• Make your bedroom as dark as possible and slightly cool at bedtime.

• Turn off all electronics (even your phone!) and dim the lights at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

• Avoid caffeine after lunchtime.

• In the morning, seek out bright light; this can help regulate your biological clock. • Stick to a schedule: Go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day.

• Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual like the Sound Sleep Cocoon Essential Oil Activation Technique.


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