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  • Maintaining healthy skin on the body

  • Reducing stress and muscle tension

  • Nourishing & Detoxing

  • Natural ingredients at the highest quality

5 Benefits of Full Body Spa Treatments

  1. ​Stimulate skin renewal - Just like getting a facial, an all-over body treatment will stimulate cell renewal, making your skin more resilient. This helps to prevent wrinkles, signs of ageing, and improves overall skin tone.

  2. Detox - Environmental damage and ingested toxins from what we eat has an impact on the appearance of our skin. A body treatment like a wrap or deep exfoliant can help you eliminate surface impurities, and draw out damaging toxins. 

  3. Buff and Rejuvenate - Not only do full body treatments stimulate cell renewal, they can transform the look of your skin! A deep exfoliation treatment with spa quality ingredients will remove dull surface cells and reveal supple, glowing skin underneath.

  4. Relaxation - A total body skin treatment packs in the benefits of skincare, and a massage into one luxurious treatment. You’ll find yourself fully relaxed in a spa setting and your muscles will thank you!

Why Eve Taylor

  •  In the last 50 years they have never tested any of their products on animals.

  • Their products are formulated to balance with the correct pH of the skin.

  • All products are Paraben free. No artificial colours or fragrances and well as other known irritants which can sensitize the skin, including alcohols, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, or phthalates are used in any of their products.

  • Their products contain active ingredients that are beyond cosmetic, they work deeper than the upper layer of skin giving highly effective results.

  • Their products are manufactured in small batches so that the active ingredients can be included to ensure purity and freshness in every batch.

  • They are also active members of the Aromatherapy Trades Council (ATC) and the International Spa Association (ISPA).

Why Beauty Holistic Avenue

  • Over 21 Years of Experience

  • Holistically Minded 

  • Up to Date Treatments

  • Fully Trained Therapists

  • Private Treatment Rooms

  • Strict Hygiene Standards 

  • Great Customer Service  

  • FREE Parking 

  • Online Services

  • Loyalty Schemes 

  • Beauty Holistic Avenue is the only Eve Taylor in the area bring quality aromatherapy body treatments to Walthamstow

Relax with our Eve Taylor Spa Body Treatments while the products
detox, remineralise and hydrate the skin

Eve Taylor AromaWax Treatment



This massage experience starts with a warm cleanse of the skin using Eve Taylor Astrelle, a coconut based cleanser providing a soap free cleansing action to clean skin without removing precious oils while Aloe Vera soothes and hydrates the skin, a subtle aroma with Lavender, Geranium, Clary Sage and Galbanum to ease away stresses of the day.

You will get to choose by smelling the amazing aromas of our aromawaxes for your massage to decide which is right for you on the day.

Relaxing and self-indulgent a more soothing relaxing blend, ideal for stress and helps with relaxation or inspiration and exhilaration which stimulate the muscles to help with tension as well as having essential oils to relax the mind. Both combine the comfort of heat with the benefits of aromatherapy to make this a truly relaxing treatment that gets deeper into the muscles to aid relaxation.

Eve Taylor Body Exfoliating Mousse Treatment

A creamy mousse exfoliant effectively sloughs away dull surface skin revealing a smoother, softer skin. With and foaming action to cleanse and enriched with natural essential oils to detoxinate and tone. An aromatherapy treatment oil is then massaged into the skin to hydrate and seal in your new smoother skin.


Eve Taylor Body Wrap

This body wrap is a synergy of Laminaria, Spirulina and Lithothamnium Calcareum. Spirulina is a rich source of amino acids and is considered a superfood due to it containing all 8 essential amino acids, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, C, D, E and minerals including Calcium, Iron, Selenium and zinc. Laminaria?s properties include Iodine and Mannitol which offer intensive moisturising and slimming effects; while Lithothamnium Calcareum intensley remineralises and offers vitality to the skin. Suitable for those requiring a hydrating and remineralising effect.


The Complete Aromatherapy Spa Body Experience

Starting with the eve taylor exfoliating mousse to sloughs away dull surface skin, the application of the hydra-thermal body wrap to hydrate and re-mineralise the skin and a massage using  is the ideal treatment dry, dull skin that needs a boost before the summer or pre holiday preparation. 


Purifing Back Treatment

A facial for the back dealing with skin issues such as dry skin, acne, congestion, blackheads or uneven skin tone. 


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Why Eve Taylor?

We have a ‘’Holistic’ approach to all our treatments - Holistic means whole - all our treatments have been chosen and are given with the whole person in mind, to help delivery maximum results without any negative side effects.

Eve Taylor uses the highest quality aromatherapy oils and natural ingredients to bring us professional strength products to provide the best in spa body treatments and relaxation.